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I've always been inspired by independent business owners - their motivation and heart is contagious. 


My small business love started in high school.  My mom and I would take mental health days {read...played hooky}. We'd go explore the small towns outside of Fairfax County like Middleburg, Virginia. We always found the best little lunch spots and the cutest boutiques to spend our time. Each shop always had a great brand vibe, not flashy or pretentious. Even as I worked and travelled as a marketing manager and consultant for high-profile TV brands in the U.S. and around the world for over 10 years, I knew I wanted to play hooky from the "big brands" and use my marketing experience in a different way. 

It's no surprise I ended up on the Outer Banks surrounded by so many exciting, dedicated and passionate entrepreneurs. It didn't take long, to catch the entrepreneurial bug. I found my passion, value and support in this incredible community of creatives. It's been a huge joy to provide stress free, personalized marketing services.  


I'm so excited to be taking on this new chapter in my career, and to be living with my husband and our two boys in our most favorite place in the world. 

My Philosophy

Marketing your business doesn't have to be excessive. More often than not small businesses don't need a slick, highly complicated, high volume and high cost marketing approach to make a real, valuable and lasting impact. Just a little creative done a little better.

I'm here to help you build an authentic, creative, strategic and consistent presence that speaks to your customers. 

Hi, I'm Adriana Scafetta!

Founder of Just Right Creative

The Fettas


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